Which template products have been ruling the market?

The market has always astonished us with its new and innovative “template” products. Why template products? Because this last decade what changes we see booming in the launch of products every quarter and now it seems like every day seeds a new idea ready to develop into a production line. These innovations has empowered consumers with self dependability and also made them dependent on these ready-made template like products that both helps and reduces the need of time in learning specific skills.

Be it online market or off-line. Lifestyle leisure is the sole reason or the only mother which gave birth to these products or hacks.

Top 5 hack products in the market right now are:

  1. Instagram : Why Instagram? Have you ever noticed if your phone has this application installed in it. How easy it is to source ideas from all around the world. It has recently introduced its business feature where the a few clicks and product is sold. It is the most top rated engaging application of this decade next to Facebook Inc.
  2. Airbnb : Believe it or not, this is most suitable application for the metros where people can rely on finding space sharing for a night or for months. It is just like you get paid to rent out your server space.
  3. Storj: This is a great insider thought put into utilizing computing from idle computers. Unlike P2P file transfer, it uses P2P cloud storage service in a secure and private way. A simple software and you can start sharing your free disk space.
  4. Drones : A massive proportion of online sales and marketing agencies and freelance enthusiasts are using this new tech wonder to promote their business. Unlike traditional aerial view cinematic capture, these drones are easy to manoeuvre and capture a lot of scenes. One big giant in this product development is DJI,
  5. Arduino Project : If we see this developmental printed circuit boards have created a boom in realizing millions of genius ideas in real life. Be it medical, entertainment or lifestyle. This particular invention has actually powered ideas for so many young inventors.

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